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Peter Schneider

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During the application of a homeopathic therapy it sometimes occurs that a homeopathic remedy, which was found as simile, does not work properly. A blockade makes the metabolism resistant against the homeopathic regulation. After application of an activating remedy the homeopathic therapy is then often successful. The activating agents are used in very low concentrations (D6 and higher); so an substitutive effect can be excluded.

Main causes of the blocking effect are among others a wrong nutrition, the disturbance of the intercellular communication by biophotons, and/or the formation of persisting immunecomplexes.

It has been known for many years that metabolic events occur under the emission of very small amounts of light. In the past, this light emission was thought to accompany chemical reactions, but now it can be demonstrated with enormous technical expenditure, that biophotons are of great significance for the intercellular communication. This light is ultraweak, but is shows a very high coherence similar to that of a laser.

The communication by light between roots of onions was first observed by the Russian Gurwitsch in the twenties. Later on it was found by the Siemens laboratories at Berlin that the wavelength of this radiation lies in the ultraviolet at 338nm. It is important that the communicative radiation could be antagonized by radiation with weak light with a wavelength of 330nm.

About twenty years ago it was demonstrated that the intensity and the coherence of the light, which was emitted by tumour cells, is strictly reduced in cancer. Cells of induced tumours in laboratory animals had even nearly lost their light contact.

Based on the experience with light stimulating substances the emission of biophotons seems also to be altered in other diseases.

The relevance of persisting immunecomplexes was proved for many human diseases (after Leskovar et al., 1993), including autoimmune diseases and allergies:

The immunecomplexes contain antigen and antigen-specific antibodies. Normally the complexes are taken up and eliminated by phagocytes. For unknown reasons - perhaps during an anabolic metabolic situation - the complexes persist, followed by a continuous stimulation of monocytes/macrophages and finally immunological dysregulation and immunosuppression. The complexes cause an increase of autoimmune diseases by reducing the supply of T-suppressor cells.

Activating remedies:

The activating remedies were developed for the successful treatment of cancer and tuberculosis. Two main groups of remedies are used: the carbonylic groups containing remedies after Prof. Koch and the "isopathic" acting microbiological remedies after Prof. Enderlein.

A combination of the medicaments has been proved as useful.

1. Remedies after Prof. Koch:

The usefulness of the substances Glyoxal, Methylglyoxal, and others for the therapy of virus diseases and cancer was detected by the US-American Prof. Dr. W. F. Koch in the twenties. Koch used these substances very successfully against the resistance of his colleagues in his own cancer clinic. Very often Koch had to prove the results of his treatments in court.

Koch assumed that viruses and antibiotics are integrated within the metabolism as pathogens by reacting with amino groups and building up polymers, which affect the function of the respiratory chain.

He thought, that the resulting hypoxia was the cause for the development of cancer. Therefore Koch developed medicaments with a high redox potential to overcome this hypoxia and to burst the integration of the pathogen.

Many hypotheses of Koch could not be verified, but nowadays it can be demonstrated that Koch's substances act as photoamplifiers.

Mäkinen and Mäkinen demonstrated in 1982 that Methylglyoxal had an active wavelength of exactly 300 nm. This substance was used by Koch most intensively. Under consideration of the biophoton theory one has to assume that the application of Methylglyoxal in homeopathic amounts (D6 or D9) leads to a backlash of the organism with increased production of light and an restitution of the ability of regulation.

2. Remedies after Prof. Enderlein:

During his microscopic studies on typhus in darkfield Enderlein detected in the year 1916 moving small living beings, which copulated with bacteria. After the copulation this phenomenon disappeared quickly. This observation was the beginning of a very long lasting work of a description of life cycles of bacteria. Enderlein's most important discovery was that the warm-blooded organism possesses an "endobiont", a symbiotic living plant-like symbiont. This endobiont was shown to be transmitted diaplacentarly and existing in different development stages, beginning with a tiny colloid and ending with a fungus (Mucor racemosus Fresen, Aspergillus niger van Tieghem). The bacteria represent the highest development stage in the blood. After death the fungus occupies the body.

Enderlein demonstrated that a nutritional supply of great amounts of food protein can fatten the endobiont, which can lead to diseases. The already described persisting immunecomplexes could be related to this fattening.

From these scientific discoveries Enderlein developed his therapy. He observed, that the primitive phases can serves as regulators for the highly developed and pathogenic phases. After application of the low developed stages they copulate with the highly developed and inactivate them. The reaction products are excreted over urine, feces, skin, and bronchi. Furthermore Enderlein introduced the therapy with proteolytic and apathogenic Bacillus subtilis. These bacteria break down the copulation products and perhaps also the persisting immune complexes.

Some literature:

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